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Advertorial, Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities


A set of interviews of approximately 3 minutes duration aimed at directly promoting your products, exploring your relationship with the industry, and other areas of promotional value to you. Pre-arranged content and if preferred can be produced before the event on agreed topics and guidelines.  Scheduled to be repeated at least five times per day (once every 2-3 hrs hours) and can be targeted at times suited to the products market placement.


Broadcasting will start from 0700 on the Tuesday and remain on air 24 hours a day through to late on the Saturday after the event closes. Advertorial and editorial interviews will also be provided with advertiser’s representatives at suitable pre-arranged times.



One x 60, or two 40 second professionally produced commercials every hour throughout the main broadcasting day, 0700 to 2100hrs. Bonus commercials overnight 2000 to 0700 during re-broadcast of all the day’s highlights. Campaign total of 90 commercials. Production of commercial with male or female voice, sound effects and music included.


One 30 second professionally produced commercial every other hour throughout the broadcasting day, 0700 to 2000hrs. Bonus commercials overnight 2000 to 0700 during re-broadcast of all the day’s highlights. Campaign total of 45 commercials. Production of one male or female voiced commercial with music & SFX included.


A package of ‘live read’ commercials, normally voiced by presenters, of around 10 seconds duration (which is ± 30 words) at least 10 times a day throughout The Sail for Gold regatta period. Includes up to three different scripts to suit the time of day, product etc., etc


Sponsorship opportunities for your company to become directly associated with a programme or feature, which is clearly identified and accepted by the Sail for Gold Radio audience. Sponsorship can be utilized for effective branding, image building, corporate identity or positioning. Editorial interviews will also be provided with a sponsor’s representative at suitable junctures.

Prices for individual programme/s and features sponsorship on request, but are commensurate with commercial airtime rates on a pro rata basis, and include production of recorded ‘taglines’ and other recorded promotions.


Broadcast:         At least three sponsor credits per hour for the entire broadcasting period, a total of some 350 spots.

Promotion:        Sail for Gold Radio will produce a station sponsorship sequence that will include a sponsor name mention and short positioning statements.

The station signage will also carry the sponsor name together with any marketing materials, (provided the sponsorship is agreed well in advance of the event ahead of print schedules).


A series of promotions for a competition prize of a product or service can be featured at specific times, with live daily or end of event final winner draw from your stand. Interviews about the product or service can be facilitated and regular spots for the competition and updates. Minimum number of slots = 24


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